Annual Dues and Fundraising (For 2022 / 2023)


Annual Dues are $200, split between two payments of $100 due each in September and November. Any Scout Accounts earned through Fall Popcorn Sales can be applied directly to the the November payment.

New Scouts will also pay a prorated amount for BSA Registration for Calendar Year 2022 at the time of sign up.

What the Pack Pays for:

Handbooks, Class B T-Shirts, a Pinewood Derby Car kit, Advancements / Awards, Den Supplies, Fall and Spring Camping Events, and the Annual Registration for each Scout with BSA.

What Families Pay for:

Class A Uniforms (Shirt, belt, neckerchief & slide); activity fees for special events such as camping on the USS Yorktown, attending Council Events, going to museums, etc; the pack may also ask for donations or a small fee for additional family members that join the Spring and Fall Pack Campouts.

Fundraising Opportunities:

Scout’s have the opportunity to build up their ‘Scout Accounts’ to pay for dues and activity fees during the year.

In the fall we will be selling Popcorn again, and this year 30% of all sales will go directly to Scout Accounts. As an example, if your Scout sells $100 in Popcorn, their Scout Account will receive $30 that can be used towards dues or special activities.

Scouts can also build up their Scout Accounts during the Spring Adventure Card Sales.