Popcorn sales is our primary fundraiser, with around 70% of the sales going directly to supporting our Pack.

For Scouts that sell more than $250 in Popcorn, 10% of their total sales goes to their ‘Scout Account’ that can be used for future dues or other Pack Activities.

Also, any Scout that sells more than $500 in Popcorn will get to pie the Cubmaster in the face at the Christmas / Holiday Party in December!

Here’s how you get started:

  1. Go to https://www.trails-end.com and register your Scout

  2. Go to the Online portion of the site and create your online site profile (Picture / etc)

  3. You are now ready to sell!

How to Fundraise:

  1. First, the Scout needs to create their sales pitch, and it might go something like this:

    1. Hi, I’m Joe, and I’m working to support Cub Scout Pack 171.

    2. I’m working to raise money to help to (the Scout should pick something they are looking forward to, such as the USS North Carolina trip / Rock Climbing / or the a Spring Pack Campout)

    3. Would you be willing to help me?  We are selling Popcorn as our fundraiser.

  2. This speech could be written on their web page

  3. They can take a video of their speech for posting on social media, with the link to the fundraising webpage attached

  4. They can sell door to door around your neighborhood

Selling in Person:

  1. All sales for our Pack must be done through the Online Direction portion of Trails End

    1. All payments will be through debit or credit cards directly through the web portal

    2. All product will be delivered directly to the customer’s house

  2. If selling in person, the Scout will need to be able to direct the customer to their web page

    1. They could bring a tablet with them, to enable the customer to view and select product to purchase.  Once the product is purchased, there is a button to push that allows the customer to enter their mobile number so they can complete the transaction on their own device.  The app also has the ability to generate a QR code for the customer to scan and then complete the transaction on their device

    2. The Scout could also bring a QR code for the customer to scan and do everything on their own device

  3. If you have received a flier in the mail with products and pricing, these prices are for sales where the pack purchases product and then scouts sell it.  Some of the prices are different for the Online Direct Sales.

At the end of the day, this is intended to be a positive experience for the Scouts.  There is no expected level of sales, and no pressure for any Scout to sell any specific amount.  It’s all about each Scout Doing Their Best to support the Pack, whatever that is.

There are additional resources at: http://www.piedmontcouncilbsa.org/popcorn

Last updated September 30, 2021

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