Contact Us

Pack 171 Leadership

Cubmaster: Doug Blanton
Phone: (704) 458 9311

Assistant Cubmaster:

Lion Boys Den Leader: Doug Blanton
Lion Boys Assistant Den Leader:
Lion Girls Den Leader:
Lion Girls Assistant Den Leader:

Tigers Boys Den Leader:
Tigers Boys Assistant Den Leader:
Tigers Girls Den Leader:
Tigers Girls Assistant Den Leader:

Wolves Boys Den Leader: Donnie Shoaf
Wolves Boys Den Leader:
Wolves Girls Den Leader:
Wolves Girls Assistant Den Leader:

Bears Boys Den Leader: Keri Edwards
Bears Boys Den Leader:
Bears Girls Den Leader: Rob Penton
Bears Girls Assistant Den Leader:

Webelos Boys Den Leader: AJ Sapio
Webelos Boys Assistant Den Leader:
Webelos Girls Den Leader:
Webelos Girls Assistant Den Leader:

Arrow of Light Boys Den Leader: Brian Kandell
Arrow of Light Boys Assistant Den Leader:
Arrow of Light Girls Den Leader: Paul Seyler-Schmidt
Arrow of Light Girls Assistant Den Leader: Ashby Seyler-Schmidt

Pack Committee

Committee Chair: Stefan Ludlow
Event Chair:
Pack Trainer:
Popcorn Kernel: Sid Bergstesser
Website Administrator: Doug Blanton

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