Pack Policies

Annual Dues

$160 for the 2021-2022 Pack year which covers:

    • National and local BSA dues
    • Awards and advancements
    • Handbooks
    • Class B uniform (Pack 171 T-Shirt)
    • Pinewood Derby car kit
    • Regular pack activities
    • Pack-wide camping trips
    • Selected meals and refreshments at activities or camping trips
    • BSA required training and education for adult leaders

What parents pay for:

  • Scout uniform (shirt, belt, neckerchief and slide)
  • Extra Pack trips (Example: USS Yorktown, Campout with Crawdads)
  • Extra Camping Costs (Example: The Pack typically pays for campground registration and supplies such as firewood, charcoal etc. and may cover the cost of basic meals. This can vary depending on the type of camping trip. Parents may be asked to contribute to the cost of meals on a per person or per family basis. Parents pay for additional food or beverages beyond what the Pack provides.)
  • Meals at Pack Activities (Example: The pack typically provides pizza at the Pinewood Derby for a small per-family cost. At the Blue and Gold Banquet and end-of-the-year picnic parents are asked to provide a side dish at their expense)
  • Extra family members who attend events or trips. (Example: On a general basis the Pack covers the cost for Scouts and one guardian. Additional parents, grandparents or siblings etc. that attend Pack events may not be covered by the Pack.)

Scout Accounts

Each year Pack 171 participates in the national Boy Scouts of America popcorn fundraising program. This program is one of the main ways besides dues that the Pack raises money to cover the cost of activities and events. Each family is encouraged to participate in this important activity. Each Scout who sells a minimum of $250 worth of popcorn will earn 10% back that will be held in a Scout Account that can be used to cover the cost of any scout related expense (i.e. dues, uniforms, handbooks, camping gear, etc.). These scout accounts can accumulate over multiple years and can even be transferred to Boy Scout Troop 171 if the Scout moves out of Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts.

Pack 171 Scholarships and Assistance with expenses

Pack 171 and the Boy Scouts of America have a limited fund to help Scouts who may need assistance paying their annual dues or covering the cost of selected events. The Boy Scouts of America and Pack 171 do not want cost to prevent interested boys from joining or being active Scouts! These funds are need-based and applied on a first come first served basis. Any Scout’s family that needs a scholarship or assistance is encouraged to approach their Den Leader or the Cubmaster directly to discuss their need and submit a confidential application. Any information about need will be kept strictly confidential. Scholarships covering dues may be partial or full depending on the Pack’s budget and the family’s circumstances. All scholarships or Assistance funds are applied at the discretion of the Cubmaster with the approval of the Pack Committee.

Scholarship and Assistance funds come from the Pack’s budget and represent money from everyone in the Pack. Therefore, in order to receive Scholarship or Assistance funds the pack expects Scouts and their families to be active and contributing members of the Pack, submit an application and meet certain requirements. Scouts are expected to use any funds in their Scout Account (if applicable) before seeking assistance from the Pack.

Requirements to receive scholarship or assistance funds:

  1. Attend a minimum of 50% of den meetings, pack meetings and other pack events
  2. Participate in pack fundraising activities
  3. Lead at least one of the pack events your den is responsible for

Any recipient who receives scholarship or assistance funds but does not meet these requirements may not be eligible for such funds in the future.

Pack 171 Scholarship and Assistance Application

Scout Closet

Pack 171 maintains a “closet” of previously used uniforms. Anyone who needs help obtaining a uniform or uniform accessory is welcome to browse the “closet” to meet their needs. Please see the Cubmaster or your Den Leader for access to the closet. If your Scout has outgrown his/her uniform or extra uniform accessories please consider donating them to the Scout Closet for other Scouts to use!

Picture Release

By attending Scouting events, parents agree to allow photos to be taken of their Scout for inclusion on Pack 171 sites.  Pack 171 will not provide names of any scout, and if parents have concerns, please let the Den Leader / Cubmaster know and we will take steps to avoiding posting material with your Scout.  We will remove any photos on the basis of written request as soon as practicable.  

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