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How It Works

  • The bulk of the program is delivered through the weekly Den and Pack Meetings. This is where your Scout will earn most of their Awards, Advancements, and earn their Rank by the end of the year
  • This does not mean your Scout has to attend every meeting to complete their rank. Each year your Scout will complete 6 required adventures and at least 1 elective adventure to complete their rank. If your Scout misses a meeting that was focused on a required adventure, they can complete that adventure at home and the parent can notify the Den Leader to mark it complete
  • Parents / Adult Partners are always welcome to attend with their Scout. The Lion (Kindergarten) and Tiger (1st Grade) Years are the only years where this is required.
  • We all understand about scheduling conflicts, and will work with you and your Scout to make things work. If your Scout needs to be away for a few weeks because it’s soccer / baseball / wrestling / climbing season (yes, we have scouts in all of those sports) and they have games / practices / meets on Monday nights, let us know.
  • We have lots of events throughout the year outside the Monday night meetings. Do not feel like you have to attend them all. You are certainly welcome to come to everything, but that’s not the expectation. Pick and choose what works for your calendar and what works for your family.
  • Most of the events we have on our calendar are Pack Events (Lake Norman Campout / Morrow Mountain Campout) and covered with the dues. A few Pack Events may not covered by dues (such as camping on the USS Yorktown).
  • In addition, there are District Events (Trail to Bobcat, Fall / Spring Camporees) and Council Events (Freaky Fall Festival Campout / Cub Scout Odyssey in the Spring) that you are welcome to go to, but will have some additional cost.
  • Cub Scout Camping is Family Camping. Older and younger siblings are both welcome. At least one adult partner needs to be present.
  • Our Cub Scout Program is here to enrich the life experiences of our Scouts, teach them new skills, and reinforce the values embodied in Scouting. It’s not about taking over your calendar. Pick and choose what you want to do. If there are conflicts with den meetings let us know what’s going on and we’ll work with you to give your Scout the best experience possible.

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