Pinewood Derby

Rules can be found at:

Common Issues to Avoid:

  1. All four tires not on touching the race surface. The car is not permitted to rock back and forth.
  2. Weights located on the bottom of the car. This interferes with the race track and is not permitted
  3. Beveling the underside of the front edge of the car. This gives an unfair starting advantage, so the leading edge of the car must be nearest the track
  4. Weight can be up to but not over 5 oz at the time of check in

Race Day Racing Order:

  1. Family & Friends – 5 oz
  2. Family & Friends – 10 oz
  3. Lion Den Division
  4. Tiger Den Division
  5. Wolf Den Division
  6. Bear Den Devision
  7. Webelo Den Division
  8. AOL Dens Division
  9. Pack Championship (Top 3 Racers from each Den Division Complete for Pack Champion!)

Our Top 3 Finishers go on to the District Race on April 29!

Designing Your Car:

  • In general, your Scout will want to design a car that is aerodynamic and as close to the 5 oz weight limit without going over. Weights are allowed.

Issues to Avoid:

  • Make sure the bottom front point of the car is the furthest forward. The top of the front of the car cannot overhand the bottom front of the car.
  • Do not put weights on the bottom of the car, these will interfere with the track and are not permitted
  • Make sure all four wheels are touching the ground the same time. Using a piece of glass or flat solid countertop is a good way to check. If it is rocking between tires, it needs to be corrected
  • Do not make the car longer than the block of wood provided to stay within the envelop requirements
  • Get the weight as close to 5 oz as possible, but do not go over

Pinewood Derby Workshop (January 21st from 1 until 4):

  • We will have table saws and sanders to help you and your Scout cut out your car
  • We will also be there to answer any questions you may have about car design
  • If you’d like to buy a car kit for the family 5 oz and 10 oz races, they will be available during the workshop for $10 each. Please bring cash or check.

Finishing Your Car:

  • After the car is cut, take it home, finish any remaining sanding, and paint your car
  • Make it as interesting as you like!

Pinewood Derby Car Check in and Impound (Feb 3 from 6 until 8)

  • Cars will be checked using a scale and different fixtures to confirm it meets the requirements and then impounded until the race the next day
  • While this is going on, the track will be set up
  • We need your help, please sign up for a slot today at:

Race Day (Feb 4 at 1:00):

  • Races will commence with the family 5 oz and 10 oz divisions
  • The top 3 cars from each den will continue on to the pack championship after the last den has completed its run
  • Metals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place as well as Best in Show will be presented
  • Trophies for 1st – 5th Place as well as Pack Best in Show will also be presented during the awards ceremony
  • Our Top 3 finishers will continue on to the District Pinewood Derby on April 29th

Cars from Years Past